Rebuild Ukraine - Window Subproject

In Switzerland, thousands of windows are carelessly scrapped every day.
In Ukraine, thousands of windows are destroyed every day with cruel intentions.

Let's save the windows in Switzerland from being scrapped,
in order to be able to use them again in Ukraine!

The first thing we are looking for are warehouses where the windows can be collected, inventorized and prepared for transport. From there the transport to Ukraine should take place - hopefully before the next winter ...

Everyone can make a contribution:

> The window donors pay a little more for careful removal instead of demolition.
> The window makers pay for the transport to the temporary storage as well as storage racks instead of recycling and disposal costs.
> Students record the window details (useagain.ch) (material, dimensions, color, etc)
> Refugees from Ukraine help with inventory and later distribution
> Hall owners make empty warehouses available free of charge
> The association Cirkla organizes the camp logistics with www.useagain.ch
> A taskforce organizes crowdfunding for the transport to Ukraine
> SDC and Disaster Relief, as well as other aid agencies are asked to fund the transports.

20.04.2022 / Barbara Buser


Anyone can be part and help. We need people in all the different areas listed below.
Anybody can give what they can, contribute and assist by what they are used to doing.


All the following steps (such as collecting, storing, inventorong, transporting and distribution) need  to be coordinated and well planed. This also involves PR and weekly meetings.


Via our network and reuse platforms, we save and collect windows of a high qualitative standard, which otherwise would be demolished.


Storage is one of the most difficult hurdles, as land is in high-demand in Switzerland. However, we are positive that through our network, we will manage to find enough storage room to get the windows ready for transport


In order to be able to see which windows make sense to be sent to Ukraine, we need to measure them, analyze them and record the data for further  steps.


Logistics is another difficult area. We need people that have great knowledge of logistics, of the situation in Ukraine and know how infrastructure/bureaucracy works.


Local partners in Ukraine will help us with the distribution, as they know better where and which materials are needed the most.